Register Your  Fundraising Team

About Team Fundraising, Registration, & Tickets


All donations should go through an individual's NetworkforGood BOBBYTHON Page

Each participants should make an account on the platform and set their own goals

This allows us to track your fundraising amounts for event entry and competitions

For questions and more info please check out our instagram or email us

Required Fundraising Goals 

$100 for Individuals 

$300 for Teams of 3-6 

$50 per person

$550 for Teams of 6-12

~45$ per person

(team member min of 3, max of 12) 

How to Make a Network For Good Page

*no money is required to make a fundraising page*

Step 1: Click here:

Step 2:  Click "Start Fundraising"

Step 3: Follow the instructional step by step on creating a fundraising page

Step 4: Launch your campaign! 

Step 5: Share, Fundraise, and Get out there! 

Step 6: Team Registration (individuals can skip) 

Step 6: Get your Tickets