Create Your  Fundraising Page on Network for Good

About Fundraising, Registration, & Tickets

By making a "NetworkForGood"  Fundraising Page you are then "Registered" for BOBBYTHON

All donations should go through your NetworkforGood BOBBYTHON Page, you do not need any funds to start your page

Each participants should make an account on the platform and set their own goals

Individuals & Teams can decide on goals together but must reach minimums for tickets

This allows us to track your fundraising amounts for event entry and competitions

To declare a team please fill out this form:

For questions and more info please check out our instagram or email us!

The following Fundraising goals are required for entry to the event

* fundraising should go beyond these goals with competition between teams*

Required Fundraising Goals 

Important Dates

Teams must be established by April 1, and team fundraising goals should be met by April 10, 2023 at 11:59pm, but fundraising can continue until April 15th. Individuals have until April 15th to fundraise and reach the $100 before check-in at the event.  


Because NetworkforGood does not yet offer a team feature on their fundraising site, all teams should have a leader fill out this formAll team members must have their own NetworkforGood accounts and personal links to fundraise. We will add up each team's totals on Fridays and email the team leader.  As well, Top 5 teams will be posted on Instagram every week. Teams must be established by April 1

Tickets to BOBBYTHON

From April 3rd-15th we will be checking in with everyone who has a fundraising page and our registered teams to see who has reached their goals and distribute their entry tickets. Teams have until April 10th to reach fundraising goals, and Individuals have until the day of the event! Remember, teams must be established by April 1.  After receiving your tickets dancers can get ready to register for an exciting night of activities and sports tournaments. Tournaments will be set the week of the event, registration will be sent around this time.

How to Make a Fundraising Page

Step 1: Click here:

Step 2:  Click "Start Fundraising"

Step 3: Follow the instructional step by step on creating a fundraising page

Step 4: Launch your campaign! 

Step 5: Share, Fundraise, and Get out there! 

Step 6: Team Registration (individuals can skip) 

Step 6: Get your Tickets